Bioaqua Pink Cream In Pakistan

Bioaqua Pink Cream In Pakistan, This body cream is made from a natural and powerful ingredient – pink saltwater fish gel – which gives the skin a more youthful, soft glow and adds a healthy glow to your face. It can also be used as a tint for the eye area.

Does Bioaqua remove blackheads?

The product can penetrate into pores deeply, soften skin cutin, can adsorption blackheads, take blackheads and hide dirt from the pores, clear and moisturize the skin, remove the blackhead while nourishing the skin, convergence pores, relieve dry and rough skin, make skin tender and smooth.

How do you use bio aqua pink?

Method of use: A matte finish lip color. Apply on the lips evenly, making lips pink and wet. Pink nipple areola. Gently massage into the skin until fully absorbed.

1- It can improve the brightness lips and skin to all the more splendid.

2- Apply to Lip and private parts

3- Regular colors plant material.

4- In the wake of utilizing 3 days , dull shading become dim, following 7 days lips and skin commonly wizardry pink up.

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  1. GulNaz Khan

    Your products are quite good Thanks Boss

  2. Shan

    Very Good Result

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Bioaqua Pink Cream In Pakistan
Bioaqua Pink Cream In Pakistan

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