Dapox 60 mg Tablets in Pakistan

This Medicine May Be Affected By Dapox 60 Mg Tablets Price In Pakistan Or May Affect How Well It Works. You May Need Different Amounts Of Your Medicine, Or You May Need To Take Different Medicine. Your Doctor And Pharmacist Have More Information On Medicines To Be Careful With Or Avoid While Taking This Medicine.

How To Use

If Any Of The Following Happen, Tell You Doctor Immediately Or Go To Emergency At Your Nearest Hospital:

Signs Of Allergy Such As Rash, It Itching Or Hives On The Skin; Shortness Of Breath, Wheezing Or Difficulty Breathing;

Swelling Of The Face Lips, Tongue Or Other Parts Of The Body.

Tell Your Doctor Or Pharmacist If You Notice Anything That Is Making You Feel Unwell.

Other Side Effects Not Listed Above May Also Occur In Some People.


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Dapox 60 mg Tablets in Pakistan
Dapox 60 mg Tablets in Pakistan

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